The House.

Inspired by positive music:

I remember, he was there, at the top of that fragile staircase, looking down to me, as I stood on the doorstep, smiling nervously. He took a couple of gentle steps down the staircase, I studied his facial expressions, his eyes were so mysterious, I could sense there was deep thoughts stuck in his mind but I didn’t care, he still gave me butterflies. He lead me onto the veranda outside and we stared at the starry sky, it felt like something from a movie. He made me feel like a princess as we slowly danced on the veranda, I had fallen in love.

Inspired by negative music:

I felt it as soon as I entered through the heavy door, it squeaked a lot and it wasn’t how I remembered! Daring as if sounds, I forced myself to walk across the landing. I felt a sudden shock of cold air and I felt a shiver creep its way down my spine. There was a liquid substance dripping from the ceiling in front of me and the smell coming off that was enough to make anybody vomit. I walked into an open room and to my shock and horror, the door slammed behind me, the lights flickered, I heard a high pitched scream and the next thing I knew, I was awake, sweating in bed, my sister beside me, rocking my shoulders to wake me up.


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