Sunday Afternoon

It was bright and breezy on a Sunday ‘noon, they strolled in hand in hand,
the smiles on their faces and the depth in their eyes, as if everything was unplanned,

It was warm and sunny on a Sunday ‘noon, and she followed him inside,
the wrinkles by her brows and the curve in his smile, he looked at her and sighed,

It was dry and crispy on a Sunday ‘noon, and he pushed her in her chair,
the colour of her skin was oh so pale, and the grey shade of her hair,

It was cold and frosty on a Sunday ‘noon, he wandered in alone,
the sadness in his face was harrowing, where was the woman he once had known?

Seasons come, seasons go, but love will never die,
There’s a first love and a last love,
But for some it’s harder to say goodbye. 


A Christmas Date.

I remember when I was a child, walking outside and breathing out warm air, telling my little brother that I looked like a dragon. Strolling down the cobbled streets, holding his hand, trying hard not to slip over. That memory of my childhood was so vivid, especially in the winter, we used to do that walk every day to school. I missed him. Now that I was older, I imagined it to be different but I still got the same wintery feeling I did when I was younger. The city was a lot busier now though, it always was near Christmas. It was 3 days before the 25th and I had a date tonight. I was nervous, I hadn’t properly communicated with anyone since I lost my little brother in the crash. But I think I was ready, I was lonely and this would help me, of course it would. I wandered down the streets of London, window shopping for a festive dress. I was thinking red, maybe a royal blue. I stopped outside a posh looking shop, and a dress in the window caught my eye, it was perfect and I had to try it on. I entered the shop and the atmosphere was strange, a variety of smells hit my nose. Cinnamon, mulled wine, gingerbread… I spotted a little old lady sat at the till, sewing something and humming along to Cliff Richard- Mistletoe and wine I made my way over to the dress…
“How much?” I asked
“£25 my dear” The woman replied.
I smiled and took my size off the hanger, I tried the dress on and it was perfect for the occasion, I couldn’t not purchase it. I was getting butterflies about this date. How do I act? My mother always told me to be myself but I wasn’t sure if I liked myself so why would anyone else? I left the shop and an icy breeze hit my face, I could feel my cheeks turning rosy red. I put my hat on and made my way back home, I had 2 hours to prepare myself. I practised my smile in the mirror until I felt comfortable. I looked at my wrist watch and my date was arriving in 15 minutes. The butterflies began fluttering again. I heard my doorbell ring, it couldn’t be him. He was early! I looked through the peep hole but all I could see was a red blur. I slowly opened the door and there was a gentleman holding a large bunch of roses. He gave me them with a note which read ‘See you soon beautiful. Love William.’ Wow. I was speechless, the man handed me the flowers and I admired them, the colour matched my dress exactly. I replaced them with some Lily’s which had been in my favourite vase for a few weeks and I smiled to myself, this man was definitely going to be someone special.
I powdered my nose, combed my hair and took a deep breath, my doorbell rang again. I took another deep breath and opened the door.
“Hello you.” He said in such a sweet, calm voice as he grinned. I didn’t know how to react so I giggled and said greeted him back, matching up to his friendliness. The first thing I noticed was his eyes. They were a deep hazel colour, they reminded me of the fresh bark on a growing tree, they were huge and his eyelashes were thick and long, I looked into his eyes and found myself getting lost so I shook my head and followed him out of the door. He brushed his hand against mine as we walked down the street and I took hold of it, I had never met this man before, but it felt right already.
“Thank you for the roses, they are beautiful.” I thanked him.
“You’re welcome.” He replied. We strolled down the cobbled street which reminded me so much of my little brother, I felt myself tearing up and grasped Williams hand harder, took a deep breath, looked up at him and smiled. I admired the Christmas lights, my favourite one was the dancing Santa which was above the bakery where I bought a donut for my brother every Tuesday afternoon. We entered a small Italian restaurant where we had reserved a table.
Time went by and we had shared a creamy carbonara pasta dish and a delicious black forest cheesecake and chatted the whole time, he had so many stories to share and so did I. He was such an interesting person and I didn’t feel bored at any moment. Why had we clicked so well? I asked myself. We were very similar and that helped us get along a lot. But I started asking myself whether he was feeling the same or whether I was being a hopeless romantic, what if I had started interacting with others too quickly after my brother’s death? I felt it was helping me though, I had to stop overthinking and panicking, he wouldn’t have sent me flowers or let me hold his hand if he wasn’t interested. We walked outside and the temperature had definitely dropped from before. I looked at him and he had rosy cheeks like me, He looked at me and smiled. I suddenly felt a lot warmer, his smile was enough to make any girl feel like a princess. We took a stroll by the Thames and he suggested we visit the German Market. It was very romantic and Christmassy, I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible in the space of this night. But it started to get late and I was feeling sleepy, he noticed it, I thought that was so lovely. He walked me home, still holding my hand. He stopped and put his hands in his pockets. Had I done something wrong? I worried, but he brought his gloves out of his pocket and gave them to me. I was really falling for this man. He reminded me of someone but I really couldn’t put a finger on who it was. He continued walking back to my apartment, the temperature constantly dropping. My thoughts were invaded with things such as ‘will he kiss me?’ ‘should I kiss him?’ ‘will I see him again?’ but I tried not to panic.
We reached my front door and the moment had arrived. He held both of my hands and looked deep into my eyes. There were the butterflies again.
“I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you, I’d love to see you again.” Inside, I was screaming and dancing and all things crazy you can possibly think of but on the outside, I remained calm and collected.
“Me too William.” I kept it cool and I was proud of myself despite the fact I was actually going crazy due to my excitement. He began to lean in. Oh my. What do I do? He is going to kiss me. I was panicking. But I wanted to kiss him, I really wanted to kiss him. But my mind started overloading and all I could think about was who this man reminded me of. His lips were nearly touching mine and then it came to me. It was my little brother. He reminded me of my little brother who was tragically killed in a car crash 2 months ago. He paused and caught my eye, I felt myself welling up again.
“I’m sorry.” I said, and entered my house.

Homophobia Persuasive Writing

Every 5 hours, a homosexual teenager commits suicide. What is causing this shocking statistic you may be wondering? Is homophobia. It is an irrational fear where people have a strong hatred for gay, lesbian and bisexual people. It is a very wide spread fear however extremely wrong and makes hundreds of people feel lonely, worthless and simply lost not knowing who to trust and who to talk to. Does this sound right to you? If it does, you may be suffering homophobia. Homophobic people usually assume certain things when thinking about gay people. Various statistics show that the most common assumptions are “straight people are in danger of becoming gay” this is wrong. Mainly for one reason being that it is not a danger and should never be classed as a danger, if someone is homosexual, they will know it the minute they understand feelings and emotions whereas if you are heterosexual you will know that too. Another frequent assumption is “being gay is a disease” no, no it is not. In fact, homosexuality is an orientation. Not a disease or disorder for example anorexia or bulimia. If someone is gay, it is their orientation and today I am speaking out to prove that there is nothing wrong with their culture and homophobia is completely unacceptable.

A huge issue over the past few years has been the debate over whether civil partnerships and adoption are right or not? I am disgusted that this has ever even been questioned. Love is love. The official definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection and attachment to another person” it does not state anywhere that the definition is “when a male has an intense feeling of deep affection and attachment to a female” So what is the problem with 2 men being in love or 2 women in love and wanting to come together in matrimony? If they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together so be it. There should be absolutely no issue, no excuses. It is love, an emotion and should never be meddled with, under no circumstances.

I do not understand how we hear about these shocking celebrity marriages which last for about a week and it is not seen as a problem however when 2 people, innocent people of the same sex who are actually in love and want to stay together until death do them part is seen as a problem?! It should not be seen as wrong. I believe denying gay marriage is a violation to freedom and I am honestly glad it is becoming more common and homosexuality is starting to be a lot more accepted as a community. 2 of the same sex adopting a child has also been seen as a problem purely because homophobes believe it is making society lose the true meaning of a ‘traditional family’ with a wife and a husband. This is a disgraceful statement. In my opinion if 2 men or 2 women want to adopt a child and agreed to the terms of being a fully committed, caring guardian then they should absolutely be allowed. It’s still a family and there is still going to be the strong, loving bond between them all.

Many gay people around the world are stereotyped as skinny with an accent a lot of people in our generation seem to mock sometimes overreacting by using a lisp. They are assumed to be very pretty and fashion smart with many female friends. Yes, there may be several homosexuals like this however meeting someone who may have these characteristics however may not necessarily be attracted to the same sex are automatically classed as gay which can appear homophobic and not just to that individual person however the gay community who have been directly stereotyped.

Another issue that is becoming more common is the use of the word gay as an insult or an offence to someone… as if being gay is offensive and embarrassing. Our generation are beginning to get used to hearing it being used around school and other social areas however, it is not politically correct. You may not consider yourself homophobic but when using ‘gay’ to insult someone or something it can immediately imply that you are against homosexuality. The way this word is regularly used gives it a negative connotation and as it spreads wider across our generation in society, it may be beginning to influence and encourage homophobia.

To conclude, I would like to say that I am utterly against homophobia. I believe it is disgusting and just as bad as racism and other types of discrimination. Every year on May 17th, it is International Day Against Homophobia which offers people to reach out to eachother and help them come out no matter how difficult it may be in a society so strong opinionated like ours. This day has helped a lot of lost people who were so close to giving up. However, if you really think about this, you will realise this day would not have to be held if it wasn’t for people who see homosexuality as wrong. I think it is extremely inconsiderate of people to lead innocent others to lose all their self confidence and esteem. A lot of people my age, and younger, in some sad cases… older do not see homophobia as a serious issue but if young people are taking their own lives because of it, I passionately believe homophobia must be solved and gay people, lesbians and bisexuals around the world will eventually become completely accepted as a community.