Homophobia Persuasive Writing

Every 5 hours, a homosexual teenager commits suicide. What is causing this shocking statistic you may be wondering? Is homophobia. It is an irrational fear where people have a strong hatred for gay, lesbian and bisexual people. It is a very wide spread fear however extremely wrong and makes hundreds of people feel lonely, worthless and simply lost not knowing who to trust and who to talk to. Does this sound right to you? If it does, you may be suffering homophobia. Homophobic people usually assume certain things when thinking about gay people. Various statistics show that the most common assumptions are “straight people are in danger of becoming gay” this is wrong. Mainly for one reason being that it is not a danger and should never be classed as a danger, if someone is homosexual, they will know it the minute they understand feelings and emotions whereas if you are heterosexual you will know that too. Another frequent assumption is “being gay is a disease” no, no it is not. In fact, homosexuality is an orientation. Not a disease or disorder for example anorexia or bulimia. If someone is gay, it is their orientation and today I am speaking out to prove that there is nothing wrong with their culture and homophobia is completely unacceptable.

A huge issue over the past few years has been the debate over whether civil partnerships and adoption are right or not? I am disgusted that this has ever even been questioned. Love is love. The official definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection and attachment to another person” it does not state anywhere that the definition is “when a male has an intense feeling of deep affection and attachment to a female” So what is the problem with 2 men being in love or 2 women in love and wanting to come together in matrimony? If they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together so be it. There should be absolutely no issue, no excuses. It is love, an emotion and should never be meddled with, under no circumstances.

I do not understand how we hear about these shocking celebrity marriages which last for about a week and it is not seen as a problem however when 2 people, innocent people of the same sex who are actually in love and want to stay together until death do them part is seen as a problem?! It should not be seen as wrong. I believe denying gay marriage is a violation to freedom and I am honestly glad it is becoming more common and homosexuality is starting to be a lot more accepted as a community. 2 of the same sex adopting a child has also been seen as a problem purely because homophobes believe it is making society lose the true meaning of a ‘traditional family’ with a wife and a husband. This is a disgraceful statement. In my opinion if 2 men or 2 women want to adopt a child and agreed to the terms of being a fully committed, caring guardian then they should absolutely be allowed. It’s still a family and there is still going to be the strong, loving bond between them all.

Many gay people around the world are stereotyped as skinny with an accent a lot of people in our generation seem to mock sometimes overreacting by using a lisp. They are assumed to be very pretty and fashion smart with many female friends. Yes, there may be several homosexuals like this however meeting someone who may have these characteristics however may not necessarily be attracted to the same sex are automatically classed as gay which can appear homophobic and not just to that individual person however the gay community who have been directly stereotyped.

Another issue that is becoming more common is the use of the word gay as an insult or an offence to someone… as if being gay is offensive and embarrassing. Our generation are beginning to get used to hearing it being used around school and other social areas however, it is not politically correct. You may not consider yourself homophobic but when using ‘gay’ to insult someone or something it can immediately imply that you are against homosexuality. The way this word is regularly used gives it a negative connotation and as it spreads wider across our generation in society, it may be beginning to influence and encourage homophobia.

To conclude, I would like to say that I am utterly against homophobia. I believe it is disgusting and just as bad as racism and other types of discrimination. Every year on May 17th, it is International Day Against Homophobia which offers people to reach out to eachother and help them come out no matter how difficult it may be in a society so strong opinionated like ours. This day has helped a lot of lost people who were so close to giving up. However, if you really think about this, you will realise this day would not have to be held if it wasn’t for people who see homosexuality as wrong. I think it is extremely inconsiderate of people to lead innocent others to lose all their self confidence and esteem. A lot of people my age, and younger, in some sad cases… older do not see homophobia as a serious issue but if young people are taking their own lives because of it, I passionately believe homophobia must be solved and gay people, lesbians and bisexuals around the world will eventually become completely accepted as a community.

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