Self Harm

It is said that 1 in 12 teenagers self harm however the majority are girls…

10% of girls have admitted to ever self harming 6% of boys have admitted to ever self harming

The study that was taken out was on 1,802 people and the results show that the average age of people who self harm is 15. Saying cutting and burning were the most common self injury methods. And the most common objects used are razor blades, knives and scissors.

Teenagers and even adults self harm to get things out of their system which may have caused them emotional pain. Because a lot of what people do to hurt themselves are short, shocking pains for example burning, pinching, cutting and scratching it provides temporary relief however afterwards, it comes to their realisation that the deeper pain they are suffering is not going to be solved by doing this therefore it makes them feel like if they keep doing these short pains, enough of them will get rid of the deep sadness they are suffering.

Anxiety disorders and depression are a big cause of self harm. The main place people choose to cut themselves are on the wrists and thighs because these are the places which are not so hard to hide. People tend to avoid places like the face and hands which are on show most of the time.

I know for a fact that many people see self harm as attention seeking but it isn’t at all, it’s completely psychological and more than often comes down to mental illness or sexual abuse as a child. In a lot of cases it is things from the past coming back to haunt them as a teenager or young adult but in other cases it could be something as small as an argument with someone or if you’re feeling insecure, some people are weaker than others and find it difficult to handle certain situations so they result in self harm because they feel as though they deserve the pain they think they have caused.

You can’t judge people for self harming if you genuinely know nothing about them. It is the same as my previous post about eating disorders, a lot of the time self harm is to do with your emotions and it is a way of letting things out. Just think before you call someone an attention seeker for doing it because facts show that the majority of teenagers who self harm have had to deal with something traumatic earlier in their life.

There are so many ways that you can recover from self harm. If you are a school or college student I suggest going to speak to the pastoral carer before any of your friends because they are experienced and have dealt with situations like it before whereas your friends may not understand and you may not be ready to talk in detail about it, your pastoral carer should give you advice and will try and edge you into talking to your parents/guardians or friends about it, which is the next step and which will help. The more support you have the better and if you have your friends, they will help you take your mind of everything which makes you feel upset in your life! That’s what friends are for.

Again, send me asks/tweet or facebook me if you want to talk, I dont care if you dont know me. I just want to help. Smile:) Create, don’t cut ❤


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