Coping with academic stress

Do you ever feel as though you can’t completely relax during the holiday periods? Is the stress of studying constantly eating away at your brain? I hope to give you some tips on how to handle this stress in a way that will also help you achieve the grades you need to succeed.

Stress is quite a common reaction when you are dealing with certain things and one of the main issues teenagers have to face today is the stress of fitting in enough revision to do well in exams. A lot of the time, adolescents don’t realise they are stressed due to the amount of work they have to complete for a certain deadline, however, it is very important that you remain placid by following several tips and maintaining a regular routine.

A vital thing you must do is continually remind yourself that everything will get better and the stress is only temporary, after you have put the effort in to succeed you will feel so positive about yourself and your work. Keep imagining the relief you will feel once you have completed the work you need to do. Obviously, stress affects you mentally however, it can also affect you physically in various ways for example; a racing heartbeat, breathlessness, nausea, headaches, tiredness, panic attacks and loss of appetite. If you suffer from any of these during studying, you know it is time to take a break. The BBC Schools website advise you take out at least 10 minutes whilst you revise to allow your brain to switch off and have a little rest. I attempted various different activities during my revision breaks ranging from watching television to eating as much as I possibly could in that short space of time but what I found most effective was to go for a short walk, just down your street or around where you live or simply a walk around your garden. I discovered that obtaining a moderate amount of fresh air clears your mind and prepares it to be bombarded with even more thoughts once your break is over.

There are more ways to beat the stress that you may be facing. You are not the only one in this position though, it is almost certain that all of your friends and peers are experiencing exactly the same feelings as you. Some people can control their stress but others can lose it and struggle a lot. Talking to your friends about what is worrying you is suggested by a lot of people as they understand what you are going through and you will be able to support each other throughout the stressful period and I can assure you, you will feel so grateful once they have helped you.

I cannot emphasise enough how important the amount of sleep you acquire is. Getting a full nights rest is required throughout the whole exam period. Teenagers are supposed to achieve 8 hours of sleep per night to function properly, especially during a stressful time. However, getting too much sleep is a bad idea and will leave you feeling weak and woozy. As one of the effects of stress is loss of appetite it is essential you eat small regular meals and be sure to drink a lot of water to prevent yourself becoming dehydrated. Because studying and the stress of it all is extremely time consuming, when teenagers are told they should exercise to help with their stress, most of them will scoff and completely ignore that advice. However, it is a proven fact that yoga is a successful way of taking your mind off your worries, teaching you to relax in the process. Another useful thing to do is produce a plan of the work you have to do, you will find that being organised with your revision will reduce panicking.


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