Sorry I have posted this a day late, I had no access to a computer until now! I was starting at World Challenge HQ at 9:30am so I woke up at 7:30 and got myself ready. Clarissa drove me to the office and I went up to meet Niki who is the woman I am shadowing over the next week. She made me a cup of tea and introduced me to a couple members of staff, my initial impressions were that they were all lovely!

Niki showed me where I would be working for the duration of the week and a man in her office is absent therefore I get my own desk which is great! She took me over to Matts office who is the boss of this HQ and he told me that he wanted me to work on a project.

The project is an e-newsletter. As World Challenge is all over the world, he decided an e-newsletter would be most efficient as anyone would have access to it from London to Australia! I took my notebook into the office and jotted down the ideas he had for this e-newsletter which included the following:

  • Project Domino which is a web project
  • Reservations project which doesn’t have a specific name yet
  • Al Shaheen project
  • Spotlight interview with a member of staff
  • Spotlight interview with a previous challenger
  • New joiners interview
  • Skype call with someone at the Australian HQ to find out about Global sites
  • Embed a video of a teacher speaking
  • Talk about new product: Fiji
  • Market focus on the US
  • New pension laws – how does it affect you? – speak to someone at Human Resources
  • Photo of building in the snow, compare with Bostons building

As you can see I have a lot to work on over the week and I am very excited about it! I have already written the story on Fiji, Al Shaheen and I have prepared interview questions for new joiners as I have 3 interviews on Wednesday. One with a member of staff from Stores, one in the Leader Management Team and someone from Plans so I’m looking forward to find out a bit of information about them. I have met lots of amazing people already and have drank my body weight in cups of tea but this is a great placement and I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I am working with the events team!

Here are the documents of the work I have produced today:  Al Shaheen draft Fiji draft Interview questions for new joiners


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