Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Before I tell you about my day I want to talk to you about what I did last night, me and Clarissa who is the woman I am staying with stayed up writing Valentine’s Day cards for her children and a couple of their friends. She has 2 twin girls who are 9 and a little boy who is 6 and basically we wrote cards for them with cheesy little poems in and signed them with ‘love from ?’ so this morning at around 7:30, Izzy (one of the twins) ran into my room and showed me the card (which I had written) and it was so lovely to see a smile on her face and I found it so funny listening to them try and work out who had sent it! I enjoyed writing the cards too… I wrote this for a 9  year old boy:

‘Harvey Russell, you’re the one for me,
I want you to get down on one knee,
I’ll be with you forever more,
Because you’re the boy I adore,
When you look at me, my heart skips a beat,
Make me yours, sweep me off my feet!’

I find it so adorable writing cards for little children allowing them to guess who wrote it to them, it’s such a nice idea!


When I arrived at work, I went to my desk and tried to finish the pensions article but I find writing about topics like that incredibly boring so I kept trying to put it off by proof reading my other work. At 10am I was going up to work with the events girls again and as soon as I got up there they told me we were packing bags again. This time was easier because we got into a routine however… We got really into it again, I had packed 90 bags before being told that the cereal bars don’t go in the abseiling bags! So we all had to route through the bags we had packed to take out all the cereal bars, it didn’t take too long though, we packed lots and lots of bags ready for the fundraisers and I’m doing that practically all day today.

But at 1pm we had a Valentine’s Day quiz, I was on a team with the girls from events and we called ourselves #teamyeah! Unfortunately we didn’t win, we scored a measely 19/47, oops! But the man who sits opposite me did win. I find him very funny, we were having a conversation about Valentine’s Day and he told me that he had bought a bottle of perfume his girlfriend asked for off eBay because it was half price but there was no box and someone had used a couple of sprays so he had decided to use the box from her old bottle of the perfume and put a few drops of water in to make it appear full, brilliant! So that quiz was fun, we all gave £1 to take part and that goes to a charity.

I had a meeting at 2pm with a man named Stu Morris who is head of safety and training, you can see my interview with him here: Staff spotlight

For the rest of the afternoon I went back up to events and produced a newsletter promoting their South challengers run, I don’t quite know how to get hold of that yet because I made it on a website called mail chimp but I will try and get it for you to have a look at! Hope you’ve all had a good day and below is a photo of the bag packing 🙂



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