It’s my last day at World Challenge! I don’t want to leave! I’ve had such an amazing time and met some wonderful people and I could easily continue working here. I bought a card to thank them all for having me and for helping me have a really great week!

I also found the newsletter that I made for events yesterday on mailchimp: Newslettter for events 🙂

I started laying out the complete newletter because I have 7 features to go in, here they all are: EVERYTHING

Mailchimp is a very awkward website to use for the writing I have done because I’m not used to it and it keeps making everything different sizes and I got quite frustrated by it so I am now uploading my documents to InDesign and editing it there, I think I’m going to produce it as a paper newsletter to show people what I have made and if Matt does want to use it, someone will be able to edit it all for me to send out electronically, I don’t mind what happens with my work because I’ve enjoyed writing everything that I have written and in the process I have met so many inspiring people who have travelled to all these incredible places and everyone seems so passionate about what they do for a living.

Literally all day I was editing everything and making it look presentable, Matt had a look through all of my writing and made notes on it all to give back to me and I found this very helpful! I wrote up the whole newsletter on InDesign, and saved that onto my new World Challenge memory stick! 😉 Matt came to check up on me and let me leave an hour early because I got everything done! They also gave me a free mug… the mug I have been drinking tea out of all week! Haha!

Here is the newsletter: Newsletter_LO





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