‘Ding dong the witch is dead?’

After being surprised about the death of one of the 1980’s most iconic figures, I must say what shocked me more were the opinions of young, uneducated people on social networking sites – mainly twitter who were sharing their thoughts about the woman as a person saying things like ‘Margaret Thatcher the evil cow has died’ and even nastier tweets were made about her death! The ironic thing is that the majority of people tweeting were not alive at the time Thatcher was serving.

Margaret Thatcher was not only the first and only woman Prime Minister to this day, she was also the longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th century. Therefore I, along with many others I’d like to believe find her a woman to look up to because of how she handled her responsibilities. Although, I can’t deny the fact that Thatcher may have made various wrong decisions for our country and left a bit of a mess behind for the next Prime Minister.

I still believe it is wrong that people from around the country have made ‘Ding dong the witch is dead’ from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz got to number 2 in the music charts. The majority of BBC Radio 1’s target audience are younger people therefore, most people listening to the chart show are not going to fully understand why this song is there and a bad opinion on Margaret Thatcher is going to go viral and people who know absolutely nothing about her are going to form very negative opinions on her.

At the end of the day, Margaret Thatcher was a person, she had a life and a family. When she made those decisions she obviously thought they were right at the time. Everyone makes bad decisions once in a while but just because it affected our country badly it doesn’t mean that it is right to disrespect her. When she was alive, people weren’t calling her an evil cow all over social networking sites all day long but since she passed away, everyone’s opinions are stronger than ever and I personally think that is wrong and disrespectful to her family and friends.

BBC Radio One did the right thing when it reached the time to play the number 2 song in the weekly chart. They mentioned the song yet did not play it. She was just another person and deserves respect after her death. She didn’t murder anyone she just made decisions that she had the right to make. I understand if you were alive when she was serving and you were personally affected but if you are my age (teenage years) I don’t think you have the right to be disrespectful to her as it was in the past and our country has developed a lot since then.


4 thoughts on “‘Ding dong the witch is dead?’

  1. Firstly, you used ironic in the wrong context which is ironic.

    Secondly, you wrote a whole article on young people who have no idea about Thatcherism when you are one of those people yourself.

    Finally, the structure of your whole article is laughable.

    • Firstly, you’re too cocky for your own good so you should probably take a look a good look at yourself and sort that out.

      Secondly, it’s not a real article. It’s an opinionated article. It’s not serious, it isn’t getting printed its purely opinion based. I am aware of my age and that I wasn’t alive when Thatcher was in power yet in this piece of writing I was having a little rant about other people my age who are being ridiculous about it all when she hasn’t even affected their lives even slightly.

      Finally, I’m studying journalism at college, I’m obviously not going to be a top journalist at the age of 17 am I? I don’t want to go into broadcast journalism afterwards, I want to focus on creative writing. It’s really rude and obnoxious of you to point out what is wrong with my writing. Luckily for you, I’m confident and my tutors tell me I am a strong writer so you haven’t knocked my confidence, when I’m at UNI studying creative writing – that’s when you can tell me my writing is ‘laughable’ you cocky little girl.

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