Life of Pi film review

An inspiring, beautiful film about a brave Indian boy recounting his impressive story to an author suffering from writer’s block who is interested in making it into a novel. Based on Yann Martel’s winning bestseller from 2001. Pi Patel, played magnificently by Suraj Sharma who is a teenager living in India with his parents and older brother. Named after the Spanish word for ‘swimming pool’ –Piscine. The family invest in a zoo and Pi attempts to create a bond with the tiger early on in the film before being punished by his father. Pi as an adult is played by Irrfan Khan who is recounting his story to an author played by Rafe Spall . Pi tells him his story in hope to enable him to believe in God. The father of Pi decides he wishes to re-locate to Canada in aim to restart his zookeeping business. They travel across India to Canada on a Japanese cargo ship, taking the animals with them. A shocking storm wrecks the whole ship but Pi had gone onto the deck to admire the storm and managed to survive on a little lifeboat, along with a zebra, a hyena, a chimp and an exquisite Bengal tiger. Throughout the film, with wonderful special effects, we join Pi and Richard Parker the tiger on their battle to survive. It’s difficult for me to describe how incredible the digitally created tiger is. The only thing I could possibly criticise about this film is the slow start, it took me about half an hour to get into it but after that, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. The animal to human bond is heart-warming and I felt myself tearing up at a couple of moments throughout the film. A terrific film with a happy ending allowing me to leave the cinema with a smile on my face.