A walk in the frost,
hand in hand,

We open the door,
kisses my cheek,

Cuddles on the couch,
our eyes meet,

Kisses me softly,
heart skips a beat.



I stared out my window,
As the snow fell,
I used to smile as I watched it,
I remember  so well,

“Mum, wake up! It’s snowing!” I said,
She turned on her side. “Go back to bed!”
“Dad, look outside! The ground is all white!”
“I heard you the first time, I’ll look when it’s light”

Years go by, the joy goes away,
Sitting by the radio,
I jumped back in bed with a grin,

A few years down the track,
You think you won’t give a damn,
But the excitement comes back,
And you’re out on the sledge,

When the snow isn’t falling,
And you’re sat in class,
There’s always that moron,
That shouts ‘ Hey it’s snowing!’

But at the age I am now,
I moan and I groan,
My Dad raises a brow,
But I don’t care,

Snow is fascinating,
When you’re 5 years old,
But once you’re my age,
It just makes you feel cold.