Elephant in the room

There’s an elephant in the room,

I really wish that you would see.

If only life let you resume,

I’ve wondered about where we’d be.


But I can’t control the future,

As much as I wish that I could,

I don’t think that I had closure,

Thought the feelings were gone for good.


I cannot tell you what to do,

Or tell you what it is I need,

Just please make the right choice for you,

It’s time for you to take the lead.


I hope that you make the right choice,

The one that will make you smile more,

Don’t listen to anyone’s voice,

That is all I am asking for.


The Past

There is nothing stronger,
than the feelings from your past,
It may take you longer,
but you’ll forget them at last,
I know that it is sad,
to block out what happened then,
But that is what you had,
and you don’t want that again,
If you can, brave a smile,
even if it is pretend,
It will be hard for a while,
but this is not the end,
You deserve to be happy,
with somebody you love,
Although you may get snappy,
remember you’re free of,
Crying ‘til you fall asleep,
and dreading the next day,
Walking away was a leap,
so try living in today.