Sweet Clichés

I just want you back in my arms,

Talking about both of our days,

I really miss all of your charms,

Along with all our sweet clichés.


I don’t know what is going on,

But I know you can brave a smile,

I think you can keep yourself strong,

I will stick around for a while.


I feel better when you’re around,

So please can you not go away,

If only we could just lie down,

That is where I would want to stay.


Things will start to look up from here,

I can promise you that alright,

I guess I’m just living in fear,

Let’s hope we both choose what is right.


Elephant in the room

There’s an elephant in the room,

I really wish that you would see.

If only life let you resume,

I’ve wondered about where we’d be.


But I can’t control the future,

As much as I wish that I could,

I don’t think that I had closure,

Thought the feelings were gone for good.


I cannot tell you what to do,

Or tell you what it is I need,

Just please make the right choice for you,

It’s time for you to take the lead.


I hope that you make the right choice,

The one that will make you smile more,

Don’t listen to anyone’s voice,

That is all I am asking for.