My Fighter

We’d been in love for many years,
I found out and broke down in tears,
Why had this happened to my girl?
I’ll miss her blue eyes and her curls.

I helped her get through her chemo,
Held her as she rocked to and fro,
She cried into me; I felt weak,
I held her face and kissed her cheek.

It was July when I lost her,
I won’t forget what we once were,
She was beautiful, smart and strong,
She had to fight it for too long.

I was only 16 years old,
I’d lost my love, my heart was cold,
She will always be in my heart,
She always was, right from the start.


“Facebook Famous”

As a teenager who uses social networking sites quite regularly, this includes Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, it has been brought to my attention that recently many young people strive for the attention of many users on these websites. Facebook have recently added a feature where you can “subscribe” to a user to see all of their profile without actually having them as a friend and it appears that many teenagers have been using this to gain “likes and shares” on their page. Why they obsess over likes and attention so much is a question most of the people on the internet ask themselves but it doesn’t stop them constantly posting generic photos, videos and quotes onto their profile for everyone to see. Due to the fact that a lot of people don’t understand what they think they are gaining from being “Facebook famous” they tend to receive a lot of hateful comments and reactions to the kind of things they post. For example a lot of people who become well known on Facebook have had nude photos of them sent around the World Wide Web and they decide to update statuses trying to defend themselves when really, it makes them look like they just want attention. This is a very opinion based piece of writing because some of you reading this may aspire to be one of these people, some of you may be one of these people however, some of you may be people like me who just don’t understand what their aim is. In the past, I have witnessed teenagers with thousands of subscribers post statuses about serious things for example ‘like this if you hate cancer’ cancer, a heart-breaking illness which people suffer from every single day, of course everyone hates this. But by putting a status telling people to like it is simply asking for likes, what are you gaining from that? If you want to know how many people hate cancer, do something productive and read an article about it, why waste your time posting a horrible status like that basically asking for likes? If you want to find a cure, go out and donate money to the charity. Writing a status like that is gaining nothing but people’s attention. Another thing is, they believe they are individual and unique when technically, they are all the same. They may be different people with different personalities and opinions however when it comes down to appearance, they all dress the same and they all have the same hair and post the same things. They try so hard to stand out and get noticed and I just don’t believe this is a positive thing. If they want to voice their opinions over social networking sites I suppose they have every right to do so, I just think they try too hard to look original which makes them all look the same. I find it shocking how Facebook pages of some bands and even charities don’t have as many “fans” if you call them than these “Facebook famous” teenagers who simply post all of the same popular quotes and funny videos purely because they get a buzz when people click like on what they’re posting. In my opinion, I find it extremely pathetic and believe that if people want attention they should at least do something to deserve it rather than be a beggar.