Raindrops on the garden flowers.
Sitting in the rain for hours.
The rain is warm, the mist is cold.
Sat there wanting a hand to hold.

The river water was so high.
Big puddles and floods, the town cry.
The sky dark grey, no cloud in sight.
Moist grass from the previous night.

It rains all night, it rains all day.
The sky remains a dark, dull grey.
The rain is bouncing off my face.
It soaks me through, my heart races.

I like the sun when it shines bright,
But you can’t hear the sun at night.



I love to watch the rain pour down.
Light shower, rain storm – I don’t mind.
There’s something about how it falls,
that makes me feel relaxed and calm.

One of the most beautiful sights,
is when raindrops land on cobwebs,
the droplets glisten in the sun,
they make the cobweb seem so bright.

It’s funny how the rain can make
something like a cobweb pretty,
when it is just a spiders home.

I love to watch the rain pour down,
although, it makes most others frown.
One day they will see the beauty,
even if it does take a while.

But next time you see a cobweb,
look at yourself in the droplets
and then you may well change your mind.